We Build The Next Generation Commodity Trading And Risk Management (CTRM) Solutions

Our goal is to build the most robust and user-friendly web based enterprise system which designed to meet the market need for an integrated platform that can address both financial and physical requirements of vertically integrated energy companies and diversified commodity trading houses. The target is to help traders, operators and risk managers to better collaborate and focus on the essential part of their jobs, rather than burdened by unnecessary work load.

Our products can help you to manage the most complex physical trading life cycle with derivative positions fully integrated. Easily switching between multi-language interfaces creates the most comfortable operating environment for the employee. Using modern technology, T-plus™ can easily generate real time position and PnL with highly customizable interface, aiming to better serve a wide range of commodity industries, including energy, iron ore, coal, petrochemicals, and agriculture.

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We Understand Your Market And Your Trading Challenges

We have been serving Commodity and Energy industries for nearly a decade. The team includes some of the most experienced consultants in the industry who have the first hand experiences as traders, operators, and analysts in leading iron ore, coal and petrochemical trading houses and oil majors. Our technical team has rich experience in developing and implementing CTRM systems for reputable MNCs that listed in fortune 500, such as like Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, Olam and PTT.

As the practitioners of commodity and energy industries, we deeply understand the speciality of trading and the importance of risk management. People need a CTRM system to help them manage trade cycle, position, exposure and profit. However, we also deeply feel the pain of unfriendly user interface and significant implementation cost.

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We Are Close To The Asia Trading Hub

Our headquarter is located in Singapore, Asia’s commodity trading hub. We are actively planning on setting up a new office in China.

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