Transacting in commodity markets requires real-time trading solutions that enable users to instantaneously react to market opportunities. T-Plus™ solution provides rapid deal capture, trader decision support tools and superior market insight for the identification of arbitrage opportunities. It is an integrated solution that meets the various needs across a company, including the ability to measure and report in real-time the complexity (all commodity and derivative types) of a portfolio, maintain curves and forecasts and manage deals (physical, derivative and financial) from capture to settlement to invoicing. Role based access control is fully deployed in T-Plus™ system to guarantee security, and there is also a fine grained logging mechanism to meet audit trail and compliance requirements.

  1. T-Plus™ has been developed in partnership with the market and it is designed specifically for saving your operation efforts as well as paperwork. Its standard workflows visualize the real time status of all trade activities linked to every shipment, no matter deal matching, LC, invoicing or shipping. By more effectively managing the commodity trade life cycle, T-Plus™ can give your company a competitive edge.
  2. Another key is Reporting. Our live reporting tools show positions mark to market and pnl data that can be easily visualized through management dashboards. Detailed counterparty report is also provided to keep track individual credit and cash flow exposure. T-plus™ even allows you to capture real world movements of goods and vessels, and feedbacks to live reporting updates.
  3. In addition, T-Plus™ automatic notifications can alert you simultaneously to any overdue risks, or potential opportunities.
  4. If you are busy on the go, T-Plus™ allows you to gain full functional access to the entire system via mobile phone and tablet using normal web browser. You can do business just like in the office.
  5. T-Plus™ manages market risk, credit risk, cash flow risk and operation risk. It allows you to do what if analysis on credit, market value and trader limit check at the opportunity stage rather than after the event. Why wait until risk happens?
  6. T-Plus™ helps enterprise with document management and archiving, email notifications, changes track records and auditing.
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T-Plus™ Managements

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