Clients and Partners

Flagship Customers

We have successfully implemented the solution for three flagship clients in Singapore and Hong Kong, which are running two billion USD business every year in Ores, Chemical and Energy sectors. We are also closing deals with some other reputable companies in Singapore, China and Indonesia.

Worldwide Users

Hundreds of traders, operation staff, finance staff, risk managers and top management people are using T-Plus™ every day. They are working in either English or Chinese with T-Plus™, in their local office, remote office, or even on the move.

Industry Partners

We are partnering with some prestigious physical and derivative brokers to explore more business opportunities together, and also have founded a strategic alliance with a comprehensive Exchange/OTC trading platform provider for integrated solutions.


System Implementation And Customization

We provide standard solution implementation for customers whose business are smaller or who have unified workflows, and also customize the system for customers with special requirements.

Training And Consultancy

As a “Solution” rather than “Software” company, we are happy to share not only a good system, but also our industry knowledge, experience and advices with customers, giving them a both online and offline solution.

Cooperation And Outsourcing

Bearing the “User-Centric” principle, we are very flexible in the mode of project and pattern of implementations, including joint development and outsourcing development.