T-Plus™ Anatomy

Physical Contract Management

T-Plus™ Physical Contract Management component enables users to capture deals and contracts quickly and easily through user configurable interfaces and blotters. Contract entry has never been so easy, excel style inputs allow you to enter contract at a touch on the button.

Not only Spot and Term trades, but also Paper, bookout and financial settlement are supported. T-Plus™ supports multiple pricing mechanisms, such as Fixed Price, Date Basis Index Price, Periodical Basis Index Price, and even Formula Based Pricing with complex logic and multiple pricing components.

The deal matching function of T-Plus™ give traders the full control and maximum flexibility to manage their positions. Automatic synchronizing information across matched deal helps operator to reduce redundant data entry.

Derivatives Management

T-Plus™ Derivatives Contract Management supports both exchange and OTC traded deals, including swap, futures and options. T-Plus™ also provides a web based deal entry page for brokers to enter done deals on behalf of the trader.

Hedging Management

T-Plus™ Hedging Management supports multiple hedging types, such as natural hedging, physical/futures hedging, physical/swap hedging and forex hedging.

Forex Management

Forex Exposures incurred by contracts in foreign currencies may lead to big currency risk in current volatile market. T-Plus™ Forex Management component allows users to monitor Forex Exposure and does Forex Mark to Market in real time. Forex Hedging needs and opportunities can be identified in a pro-active way and performed flexibly.

LC Management

T-Plus™ LC Management component provides a complete set of Letter of Credit functions for those trading houses, covering capture of LC details, automatic calculation of LC amount, LC application and approval, and LC update. Users can also manage LC Balance across contracts and perform LC Mark to Market analysis in the system.

Transport Management

Operation users need real time visibility into fulfilment status of contracts. T-Plus™ Transport Management provides an integrated solution to streamline the shipping process, help users manage planning, scheduling and actualization of commodities that are moved by vessel, barge or road, and manage events, documentation and fees.

T-Plus™ Transport Management component can be used to schedule vessel, record voyage Info, and automatically track the latest shipping status and vessel location. T-Plus™ Transport Management also manages loading and discharge details and supports multiple loadings and multiple discharges.

Settlement Management

The key challenges faced by finance users are accurate and timely settlement of commodity transactions and meeting the ever changing compliance requirements. T-Plus™ Settlement Management automates the settlement computation and invoicing for physical and paper trades. The component helps users through the settlement process, and validates the completeness and accuracy of settlement data including contract terms, pricing calculations and other counter party details. T-Plus™ invoicing supports flexible incremental invoicing, netting provisions, buy/sells with a single counter party, fees and offers consolidated invoicing for multiple settlement components.

T-Plus™ Settlement Management component can be integrated with all major ERP/Accounting systems.

Cost Management

All trade associated fees such as brokerage charges, transport charges, financing charges, management fees, and demand charges are recorded in T-Plus™. Users can record multiple types of Costs/Fees in the system, like per UOM, by percentage, lump sum and even formula based. They can also calculate Budget Cost to forecast cash flow, and enter Actual Cost to assess the performance.

Quality Management

T-Plus™ allows defining detailed Quality Specifications and complex quality adjustment logics in the system, including tier based and formula based. Loading Quality, Discharge Quality and Settlement Quality are all recorded.

Workflow Management

T-Plus™ Workflow Management features allow users to define user interfaces, work flows and reminders, to streamline their specific processes for contract capture, approvals, confirmations, executions and settlement. Role assignments can be set up for different users to perform different dedicated duties.

Stock Management

T-Plus™ Stock Management is designed to efficiently manage the flow of commodities, effectively utilize storage resources and plan inventory. T-Plus™ Stock Management optimizes the processes by providing a balance of supply to meet the demand at a minimum total cost, inventory level and workload to meet counterparty requirements in the supply chain.

Report Management

T-Plus™ Report Management provides real-time, comprehensive and flexible trade reporting and analytics. Key Features can be summarized as follows:
       1. User configurable analytics and dashboard;
       2. Actionable analytics with alerts and workflow;
       3. Simulation and What if analysis;
       4. Multiple dashboard can be defined for different business groups and dimensions;
                                              5. KPI based reporting.

The system provides static and customized PnL and Exposure details reports for middle office, and live reports to reflect real time PnL and Exposure. Live changes can be tracked by user, category and drilled down to the per entry log level.