Iron Ore and Coal

Calculate the Most Complex Pricing Formula and Quality Penalty for Iron Ore and Coal Trading.


Control oil specification, crack margins hedging, blending and density conversion's impact to profitability of oil trading.


Handle Long term contracts, liquefactions, ADP, Heel, Boil-off, netback and regasification in LNG trading.


Provide Rubber, Edible Oil and Grain Trading Houses with Powerful Matching/Hedging Tools and Meet Their Local Regulative Requirements.

Liberatech Solutions

Leap Forward in Managing Commodity Trading and Risk Management


In Liberatech, our goal is to build the most robust and user-friendly web based enterprise system that designed to meet the market need for an integrated platform that can address both financial and physical requirements of vertically integrated energy companies and diversified commodity trading houses.


T-Plus™, our flagship product, can help you to manage the most complex physical trading life cycle with derivative positions fully integrated. Easily switching between multi-language interfaces creates the most comfortable operating environment for the employee. Using modern technology, T-plus™ can easily generate real time position and PnL with highly customizable interface, aiming to better serve a wide range of commodity industries, including energy, iron ore, coal, petrochemicals, and agriculture.

Rapid Implementation

T-Plus™ is built from the ground with the latest web technology that comes with interactive user interface, cloud computing, cloud deployment, non-disruptive maintenance and upgrades, internal or third party hosting.

Operation Oriented Design

T-Plus™ is designed to significantly reduce operational work load and increase the efficiency by embedded standard operational procedures arise from industry best practises.

Industry Best Practice

T-Plus™ is designed by a team of experienced traders, analysts and system developers in commodity trading industries, learning from rich user experiences and lessons.

Physical Contract Management

Derivatives Management

Hedging Management

Forex Management

LC Management

Transport Management

Settlement Management

Cost Management

Quality Management

Workflow Management

Stock Management

Report Management